Gypsum Products

Boost Nutrients and Improve Soil Structure
with Kentucky Fertilizer Pelletized Gypsum

Kentucky Fertilizer’s pelletized gypsum is a prime tool to boost soil nutrients and improve soil structure. It’s perfect for farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners who want to increase yields and grow stronger, healthier plants. It’s especially helpful for those who are planting in hard-packed clay soil.

Our pelletized gypsum is a prime source of calcium and sulfur, two nutrients required for healthy plant growth. Calcium is essential for root formation, plant cell elongation, and wall structure. Sulfur is an important part of the formation of chlorophyll and essential for producing amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

Crops are increasingly deficient in sulfur because the level of sulfur in the atmosphere is declining. Pelletized gypsum provides a quicker response than elemental sulfur and will increase sulfur levels without decreasing the soil pH level. It also helps remove toxic aluminum from the subsoil.

Kentucky Fertilizer’s gypsum comes from finely ground raw gypsum, and it’s water soluble for a quick response in the field. It’s sized to blend with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium products, making it easy to apply.

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