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At Kentucky Fertilizer, we know healthy soil grows healthy plants. That’s why our mission is to help farmers, gardeners, and lawn owners create sustainable soil to make their plants thrive.

The Kentucky Fertilizer team brings years of agronomic expertise to our products. Our pelleted limestone and gypsum products are optimized for keeping healthy pH levels, unlocking nutrients, and enhancing soil structure. We’re also dedicated to providing unparalleled sales support to each of our dealers.

Your Partner in Boosting Crop Yields

We’re passionate about partnering with you to make your field the healthiest it can be. We do that through a selection of calcium-based products that we sell through a network of dealers around the region. We craft all of our pelletized limestone and gypsum at our pelletizing plant in Winchester, Kentucky.

Pelletized Limestone

Our pelletized limestone improves yields. Quickly available and soluble. Blends with fertilizer. Great for cash rent ground.

Pelletized Gypsum

Our gypsum is a soil amendment that contains Calcium and Sulfur in the sulfate form.

Enhanced Lime

Our enhanced limestone is perfect for homeowners and gardeners who are looking to quickly adjust the pH level of their lawn or garden soil.

Our Company

Launched in 2010, Kentucky Fertilizer operates a pelletizing facility in Winchester, Kentucky, and serves customers throughout the eastern and Midwestern United States. Our team of experts brings decades of experience to the table to help your crops grow.

With several area warehouses and a responsive delivery network, we pride ourselves on being able to quickly respond to the product needs of the area we serve. Our dedication to customer service and sales support has set us apart since day one.

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You can find Kentucky Fertilizer products at dealers across the East and the Midwest. Learn more about our network to locate a dealer near you or learn how to become one.

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If you want to learn more about our calcium-based fertilizers or how to become a dealer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to help!